Homework Day 1

  1. Pick two or three games suggested in class and play them.

    Pick one game and write one page on the concepts the game was trying to convey. How would you improve the game to get the concepts across better? Would this be a good way to get the concepts across in "Global Agenda!"?
    1-2 Pages. Individual work. Due Day 2.
  2. Pick a story line/hotspot/issue for your final project. What are the key concepts in this project? How will you control for personal bias? Write up 1 page proposal for your final project as a group.
    Due day 2.

Homework Day 2

Part 1

Review the Tufte reading, and based on the games you surveyed for the first assignment discuss:

  • What visualization techniques were used
  • How were they used
  • Why these were useful to convey the gaming environment data

Also, discuss the effectiveness of the visualization techniques and suggest how to improve them.
1-2 pages. Individual work. Due Day 3.

Part 2

Discuss how visualization will play a role in your final game project, treating specific concerns such as the graphic user interface, the display of data concerning the virtual world of your game, etc. Make specific references to visualization / graphical techniques that would enhance the gaming experience and add value to the exploration and interaction of the gaming environment.
1-2 pages. Group work. Due Day 3.

Final Project (PDF)