RES.18-007 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate
Calculus Revisited: Multivariable Calculus
Part I: Vector Arithmetic

Lecture 2: "Arrow" Arithmetic

Video Description: Herb Gross reviews the definition of vectors — objects that have magnitude, direction, and sense. He also defines equality of vectors, their components, and rules of arithmetic. Vector arithmetic shares many structural properties with scalar arithmetic including a zero and additive inverse. This video also covers the multiplication of a vector times a scalar.

Instructor/speaker: Prof. Herbert Gross

Study Guide

Study Guide for Lecture 2: “Arrow” Arithmetic

  • Chalkboard Photos, Reading Assignments, and Exercises (PDF)
  • Solutions (PDF - 2.8MB)

To complete the reading assignments, see the Supplementary Notes in the Study Materials section.

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