RES.2-002 | Spring 2010 | Graduate

Finite Element Procedures for Solids and Structures

Nonlinear Analysis

Lecture 12: Demonstrative Example Solutions in Static Analysis

Topics: Demonstrative example solutions in static analysis

  • Analysis of various problems to demonstrate, study, and evaluate solution methods in statics
  • Example analysis: Snap-through of an arch
  • Example analysis: Collapse analysis of an elastic-plastic cylinder
  • Example analysis: Large displacement response of a shell
  • Example analysis: Large displacements of a cantilever subjected to deformation-independent and deformation-dependent loading
  • Example analysis: Large displacement response of a diamond-shaped frame
  • Computer-plotted animation: Diamond-shaped frame
  • Example analysis: Failure and repair of a beam/cable structure

Instructor: Klaus-Jürgen Bathe

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