RES.2-002 | Spring 2010 | Graduate

Finite Element Procedures for Solids and Structures

Nonlinear Analysis

Lecture 15: Elastic Constitutive Relations in T. L. Formulation

Topics: Use of elastic constitutive relations in total Lagrangian formulation

  • Basic considerations in modeling material response
  • Linear and nonlinear elasticity
  • Isotropic and orthotropic materials
  • One-dimensional example, large strain conditions
  • The case of large displacement/small strain analysis, discussion of effectiveness using the total Lagrangian formulation
  • Hyperelastic material model (Mooney-Rivlin) for analysis of rubber-type materials
  • Example analysis: Solution of a rubber tensile test specimen
  • Example analysis: Solution of a rubber sheet with a hole

Instructor: Klaus-Jürgen Bathe

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Spring 2010