RES.2-002 | Spring 2010 | Graduate

Finite Element Procedures for Solids and Structures

Nonlinear Analysis

Lecture 17: Modeling of Elasto-Plastic and Creep Response I

Topics: Modeling of elasto-plastic and creep response I

  • Basic considerations in modeling inelastic response
  • A schematic review of laboratory test results, effects of stress level, temperature, strain rate
  • One-dimensional stress-strain laws for elasto-plasticity, creep, and viscoplasticity
  • Isotropic and kinematic hardening in plasticity
  • General equations of multiaxial plasticity based on a yield condition, flow rule, and hardening rule
  • Example of von Mises yield condition and isotropic hardening, evaluation of stress-strain law for general analysis
  • Use of plastic work, effective stress, effective plastic strain
  • Integration of stresses with subincrementation
  • Example analysis: Plane strain punch problem
  • Example analysis: Elasto-plastic response up to ultimate load of a plate with a hole
  • Computer-plotted animation: Plate with a hole

Instructor: Klaus-Jürgen Bathe

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