RES.2-006 | Summer 2016 | High School

Girls Who Build Cameras

Applications of Camera Technology


Throughout the workshop, students explored real applications of camera technology by listening to keynote speakers in space, maritime salvage, and bio-engineering industries. In order continue their education on this topic and engineering in general after the workshop, speakers from the Society of Women Engineers and Women Technology Program at MIT talked about future opportunities. In addition, students participated in hands-on demos with 3-d scanning, photogrammetry, and light field cameras.

Workshop Goals

  • Discover what engineering is and how it is applied to camera technology
  • Challenge stereotypes of who engineers are and what they do

“What Cameras Can Do For You; and How They Do It!”

Kris Clark, TESS Deputy Program Manager, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Lecture Slides (PDF)

“Engineering M13 Bacteriophage NIR-II Platforms for Tumor Imaging Applications”

Uyanga Tsedev, Biomolecular Materials Group

Lecture Slides (PDF - 2.0MB)

“Inspiring the Next Generation: Women’s Technology Program at MIT”

Barbara Hughey, Ph.D., Women’s Technology Program Associate Director; Instructor, Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT

Lecture Slides (PDF - 1.6MB)

“SWE Opportunities for High School Students”

Nicole Woon, Society of Women Engineers

Lecture Slides (PDF)


At the end of the workshop, the girls rotated through hands-on camera demonstrations such as light field cameras, 3-d scanning, and photogrammetry.

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