RES.2-006 | Summer 2016 | High School

Girls Who Build Cameras

Image Processing


During this lecture, girls learn about what image processing is and how it works. The students are also introduced to the Instagram-like filters they will be creating during the workshop activity.

“Intro to Image Processing”

Olivia Glennon, Fathom

Lecture Slides (PDF - 1.1MB)

Image Processing

Sara James, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

During this section of the workshop, participants had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of image processing. The concepts explored in this section have familiar applications, such as Instagram and Photoshop.

Image Processing Overview (PDF)

Processing Instructions for Volunteers (PDF)

Processing Instructions Answer Key (PDF)

Processing Instructions (PDF)


(Each of these archives contains 1 image file and 1 .pde file, which can be opened with Processing)

Image Flip (ZIP)

Single Color (ZIP)

Vignette (ZIP)

Instagram Filter (ZIP - 2.0MB)

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