RES.6-001 | Spring 2008 | Undergraduate

Electromagnetic Fields and Energy

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Electrodynamic fields: the superposition integral point of view (PDF)

12.0 Introduction 
12.1 Electrodynamic fields and potentials

  • Superposition principle
  • Continuity conditions

12.2 Electrodynamic fields of source singularities

  • Potential of a point charge
  • Electric dipole field
  • Electric dipole in the sinusoidal steady state
  • The far-field and uniformly polarized plane waves
  • Magnetic dipole field

12.3 Superposition integral for electrodynamic fields

  • Transient response
  • Sinusoidal steady state response

12.4 Antennae radiation fields in the sinusoidal steady state

  • Distributed current distribution
  • Arrays
  • Dipoles in broadside array
  • Dipoles in end-fire array
  • Finite dipoles in end-fire array
  • Gain

12.5 Complex Poynting’s theorem and radiation resistance

  • Complex Poynting’s theorem
  • Radiation resistance

12.6 Periodic sheet-source fields: uniform and nonuniform plane waves

  • Transverse magnetic (TM) fields
  • Product solutions to the Helmholtz equation
  • Transverse electric (TE) fields

12.7 Electrodynamic fields in the presence of perfect conductors

  • Method of images
  • Quarter-wave antenna above a ground-plane
  • Two-element array over ground plane
  • Ground-plane with reflector
  • Boundaries at the nodes of standing waves

12.8 Summary

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