RES.6-001 | Spring 2008 | Undergraduate

Electromagnetic Fields and Energy

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: One-dimensional wave dynamics (PDF)

14.0 Introduction 
14.1 Distributed parameter equivalents and models

  • Plane waves
  • Ideal transmission line
  • Quasi-one-dimensional models

14.2 Transverse electromagnetic waves

  • No TEM fields in hollow pipes
  • Power-flow and energy storage

14.3 Transients on infinite transmission lines

  • Response to initial conditions

14.4 Transients on bounded transmission lines

  • Matching

14.5 Transmission lines in the sinusoidal steady state

  • Transmission line impedance

14.6 Reflection coefficient representation of transmission lines

  • Smith chart
  • Standing wave ratio
  • Admittance in the reflection-coefficient plane

14.7 Distributed parameter equivalents and models with dissipation 
14.8 Uniform and TEM waves in Ohmic conductors

  • Displacement current much greater than conduction current
  • Conduction current much greater than displacement current

14.9 Quasi-one-dimensional models

  • Charge diffusion transmission-line
  • Skin-depth small compared to all dimensions of interest

14.10 Summary

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