RES.6-001 | Spring 2008 | Undergraduate

Electromagnetic Fields and Energy

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Overview of electromagnetic fields (PDF)

15.0 Introduction 
15.1 Source and material configurations

  • Incremental dipoles
  • Planar periodic configurations
  • Cylindrical and spherical
  • Fields between plane parallel plates
  • Axisymmetric (coaxial) fields
  • TM and TE fields with longitudinal boundary conditions
  • Cylindrical conductor pair and conductor plane

15.2 Macroscopic media

  • Source representation of macroscopic media
  • Material idealizations
  • The relativity of perfection

15.3 Characteristic times, physical processes, and approximations

  • Self-consistency of approximate laws
  • Similitude and Maxwell’s equations
  • Characteristic times and lengths

15.4 Energy, power, and force

  • Energy and quasistatics

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