RES.TLL-004 | Fall 2013 | Undergraduate

STEM Concept Videos

Governing Rules

Kinetic Theory


This video encourages students to access their knowledge of kinetic theory and apply it to the real world problem of light bulb blackening. Students are also introduced to the concept of mean free path.

Learning Objectives

After watching this video students will be able to:

  • Discuss the physical significance of a gas molecule’s mean free path.
  • Discuss the physical parameters that affect the mean free path.

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Developed by the Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) at MIT for SUTD

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Student Experience

It is highly recommended that the video is paused when prompted so that students are able to attempt the activities on their own and then check their solutions against the video.

During the video, students will:

  • Brainstorm questions and ideas they have related to the problem of light bulb blackening.
  • Apply their knowledge of kinetic theory to explain light bulb blackening.
  • Consider factors that affect collision frequency.
  • Think about what properties may be important for a gas used to fill a light bulb.