RES.TLL-004 | Fall 2013 | Undergraduate

STEM Concept Videos


Models of Light


This video describes many facets of light, introducing it as a context in which to discuss scientific modeling. Students are asked to explain various phenomena in terms of which model describe them most effectively. The video also touches on wave-particle duality, through the double-slit experiment, and its application to both light and matter.

Learning Objectives

After watching this video students will be able to:

  • Explain the major models of light.
  • Explain the different facets of light in terms of those models.
  • Understand how models are used in science.

Funding provided by the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Developed by the Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) at MIT for SUTD

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It is highly recommended that the video is paused when prompted so that students are able to attempt the activities on their own and then check their solutions against the video.

During the video, students will:

  • Take notes on the behavior of light.
  • Categorize certain phenomena as to whether the wave model or the particle model is more useful in describing them.