This page presents the assigned readings per class session, followed by bibliography with complete citations for all works.

Assigned Readings



Discussion of Leo Marx's paper. "Technology: The Emergence of a Hazardous Concept."

Smith and Clancey. pp. xiii-xv and 1-25.


Mumford. Technics and Civilization. pp. 3-106.

Mumford Article

Lapartito. "Historian in the Rose Garden."


E. P. Thompson Article

Gutman Article

Smith and Clancey. pp. 144-190.


Cronon. Nature's Metropolis. (Complete)

Smith and Clancey. pp. 191-233.

5 Reading period (class does not meet)

Aitken. Taylorism. (Complete)

Smith and Clancey. pp. 267-354.

7 Fritzsche. Nation of Fliers. (Complete)

Nye. Electrifying America. (Complete)

Smith and Clancey. pp. 233-66 and 355-82.


Cowan Articles

McGaw Article

Lapartito. "When Women Were Switches."


Russell. War and Nature. (Complete)

Smith and Clancey, pp. 383-426.

11 Reading period (class does not meet)

MacKenzie. Inventing Accuracy. (Complete)

Smith and Clancey. pp. 427-70.

13 Reading period (class does not meet)
14 Maines. Asbestos and Fire. (Complete)




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Articles and Book Chapters

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