ses # TOPICS recitation notes
R1 Review of Own- and Cross-price Elasticities, Market Definition, Consumer and Producer Surplus

Use of Supply and Demand Curves

Review of Logarithms
Market Definition, Elasticities and Surpluses (PDF)
R2 Further Review of Supply and Demand Surplus Analysis with Government Intervention (PDF)
R3 Review of the Economics of Production and Cost Review of Production and Cost Concepts (PDF)
R4 Review of the Economics of Demand Network Externalities and Demand Concepts (PDF)
R5 Review of Market Power (Monopoly) Time Uncertainty and Market Power (PDF)
R6 Review of Pricing with Market Power Price Discrimination and Two Part Tariff (PDF)
R7 Review of Game Theory The Basics of Game Theory (PDF)
R8 Review of Game Theory, Collusion and Cartels The Beer Game Collusion and Cartels (PDF)
R9 Review of Auctions and Common Property Resources Auctions and Common Property (PDF)
R10 Review of Transfer Pricing and Asymmetric Information Information Asymmetry and Transfer Pricing (PDF)