This section provides brief summaries of the three team assignments due during the course. More complete descriptions are also available as PDF files. All assignments were due at or prior to the lecture numbers shown below.

5 Assignment #1: Problem SetStructuring a Bond Swap (PDF)

Qwest's CEO has asked you to analyze their bond swap offer, to determine its likely outcome and whether Qwest can do better with a different offer. Provide: Solutions to specified analytical problems.
7 Assignment #2: Strategy MemoMore Room throughout Coach? (PDF)

Relevant (and maybe also irrelevant) details, facts, and data will be provided. Provide: One-page memo addressed to the corporate office manager. (Supporting tables, graphs, calculations, etc. are not included in the one-page limit.)
10 Assignment #3: Real-World Application (PDF)

Provide: Two- to three-page memo (plus any supporting tables, graphs, calculations, etc.) addressed to the relevant party in the game.