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1 Introduction

Greenberg, chapter 1

Cialdini, chapter 1

2 The three lenses Carroll (2002)
3 Research project methods and examples Bowditch and Buono (2001)
4 Perceptions and attitudes

Greenberg, chapters 3, 5

Cialdini, chapter 3

5 Motivation

Greenberg, chapter 6

Cialdini, chapter 2

6 Motivation case Berg and Fast (1983)
7 Cognitive style (MBTI) Golden (1990)
8 Decision making

Greenberg, chapter 10 to p. 348 only

Cialdini, chapter 7

Tversky and Kahneman (1974)

9 Negotiation  
10 Creativity

Greenberg, pp. 405-418

Peters (1983)

11 Social influence Cialdini, chapters 5, 6
12 Groups Greenberg, chapters 7, 9
13 Group decision making Greenberg, chapter 10, p. 348 to end
14 Organizational analysis Greenberg, chapter 13
15 Networks

Krackhardt (1993)

Cialdini, chapter 4

16 Organizational culture

Greenberg, chapter 12

Van Maanen (1989)

17 Leadership and power  
18 Organizational learning  
19 Presentation skills
Guest Lecturer: Karen Boiko, MIT
20 50K team visit  
21 Organizational change Greenberg, chapter 14
22 The strategy that wouldn't travel Beers (1996)
23 The strategy that wouldn't travel (cont.)  
24 In-class quiz  
25 Finalist presentations  
26 Wrap-up