Problems assigned for the reciations and problems reviewed during each session are all from the course textbook, J. Pratt, Financial Accounting in an Economic Context, 5th ed., John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

1 Review of Basic Book-keeping Procedures (PDF) E2-4, E2-7, E2-12, ID2-7  
2 Review Accrual Accounting Principles (PDF) E4-2, E4-6, E4-10, E4-14, P4-13  
3 Review Revenue Recognition, A/R Concepts, and Inventory Valuation (PDF) E6-6, E6-8, P6-7 E7-8, E7-9, E7-11, P7-6
4 Review the Matching Principle and Long-Lived Assets (PDF) E9-5, E9-18, BE9-3, ID9-7 P9-3, P9-14, P9-16, BE9-2
5 Review Statement of Cash Flows (PDF)

Concepts for the Midterm (PDF)
  E14-8, E14-3, P14-13

Midterm Review: E4-5, P6-4, P7-9, P9-8, P14-14
6 Review Taxes and Marketable Securities (PDF)   E10-11
7 Review Current Liabilities and Long-Term Debt (PDF)   P8-6, E11-4
8 Review Debt and Valuation (PDF)   ID11-2
9 Review Long-Term Debt, Leases, and Shareholders' Equity (PDF)   E11-20, E11-13, E11-17
10 Review Acquisitions (PDF)   P12-11, E8-6
11 Preliminary Review for Final Exam (PDF)