Lecture Notes

The following is a sample of the lecture notes presented in the class.

1 Introduction: Fundamentals of Computing I (PDF)
The Technology
2 Fundamentals of Computing II (PDF)
3 Networks I (PDF)
4 Networks II (PDF)
5 Programming Languages (PDF)
6 Relational Databases (PDF)
7 Introduction to Microsoft® Access (PDF)
8 Web Technologies Fundamentals (PDF - 2.7 MB)
9 Computer Security I: Encryption and Digital Signatures (PDF)
10 Computer Security II: Network Security
Applications of Technology
11 "Under the Hood" of a Commercial Website (PDF)
12 Managing Software Development (PDF)
13 Enterprise Systems (PDF 2.1 MB)
14 Systems that Span Multiple Enterprises (PDF)
15 Business Intelligence: Data Mining and Data Warehousing (PDF)
16 Emerging Technologies; Course Wrap-up (PDF)
17 Final Exam