Lecture Notes

Students are asked to facilitate class sessions, and some of their notes are presented here.

lec # TOPICS
1 Introduction: Versioning and Price Discrimination
2 Pricing Information (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (Courtesy of Sumit Bhansali. Used with permission.)
3 Search and Competition I
4 Search and Competition II
5 Reputation, Trust and Recommender Systems (PDF) (Courtesy of Tanu Ghosh. Used with permission.)
6 Economics of Networks, Standards and Lock-In
7 IT and Productivity (PDF) (Courtesy of Carlos Osorio and Daniel Kindström. Used with permission.)
8 The Principal-Agent Model of the Firm (PDF) (Courtesy of David Dreyfus. Used with permission.)
9 Managerial Views of the Firm (PDF) (Courtesy of Steve Kahl. Used with permission.)
10 Incomplete Contracts and Firm Boundaries
11 Student Presentations
12 Student Presentations (cont.)
13 The Future of the Information Economy