1 Introduction to Course: "IT as a Transformative and Competitive Resource: Implications for Strategy and Careers."
2 Guest Lecturer: Tom Davenport, Head of Research, Accenture, "The Transformation of IT: A Personal Odyssey."
3 Case Discussion on IT Organization & Governance: State Street Corporation Over Time.
4 Guest Lecturer: Marshall Carter, former Chairman and CEO, State Street Corporation, Member of ITBT Advisory Board, "Converting a Bank to an IT Company."
5 Guest Lecturer: Kenan Sahin (ITBT Advisory Board, CEO of TIAX, Inc.) and ITBT Alumni Panel: Ondricek, etc. "IT Relevance in Career Planning and Choice."
6 Case Discussion and IT Scenario Planning: "Observing the Crystal Ball."
7 Guest Lecturer: Rick Swanborg, founder & CEO, ICEX Inc., "Building a Knowledge Services Business in Hard Times."
8 Guest Lecturer: Karl Wachs, CIO, Celanese Corp., "IT as a Facilitator of Corporate Change."
9 Guest Lecturer: Frank Erbrick, McKinsey & Company, former CIO of UPS, "IT and Management Learning by Doing."
10 Guest Lecturer: David Shpilberg, Director, Bain & Company, Inc., "IT and Executives Today: What They Think and What It Means" (preliminary title).
11 Guest Lecturer: Jeff Lynn, VP and General Manager, Professional Services, Dell Computer, MIT MBA, Member of ITBT Adv Board, "IT Industry Competition and Career Choice."
12 Closing Case Discussion and Lecture.