Take-home Exercises

There are two take-home exercises. Students have three hours for an exercise, and some choice as to the particular three-hour period. The exercises have been scheduled to be available during the periods shown below. For each exercise, each student will make arrangements with the TA to receive the exam by e-mail at a mutually determined time during the availability period, and will e-mail back the completed exam within three hours of receiving it. The first exercise will cover material from lectures 1-12. The second will cover only material not covered by the first: lectures 13-21.

During the period the exercises are available, students may not consult any other person about the content of the course.

The exercises heavily emphasize the required readings. The questions and format will be similar to previous years (although the exercises from some past years were of different lengths.) Past exercises and a sample answer will be made available to students.

It is not expected that students will need the full three hours to complete the exercise. I use this format so that a student does not have to write fast to do well. This may be of special importance to students for whom English is a second language. If you take more than one of my courses, an additional research paper will be required in the second course, on a topic to be determined in discussions with the instructor.

13 First exercise available one day after lecture 13 at noon (PDF)
14 First exercise due two days before lecture 14 at 5 p.m. (two days after it was made available)
21 Second exercise available one day after lecture 21 at noon (PDF)
22 Second exercise due one day after lecture 22 at 9 p.m. (two days after it was made available)