Paper Assignment

Due in Lec 12 (in class) (or earlier if you get it done beforehand)

Please write a 2-5 page paper on the following:

In your managerial experience, there presumably have been numerous times where you have experienced a 'wish I had said or done that' moment. Please write a thoughtful, analytical discussion on how you could have used one or more of the improvisation rules to be more effective. Please conclude by including some thought as to how you will look to use this new skill in your future managerial career.

Final Presentation

1) Form groups of 4-6.

2) Decide on a time where improvisation in business was important.

3) Present it to the class - one person should act as the 'professor' and the others will be the actors for the presentation.

4) You have a total of 6 minutes per presentation to introduce yourselves, present and take any questions from the class.