Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 session(s) / week, 1.5 hour(s) / session

Course Overview


The first two weeks will be an overview of performing improvisation with introductory and advanced exercises in the techniques of improvisation. The final four weeks will be applying these concepts in business situations to practice and master these improvisation tools in leadership learning.

Course Readings

The readings are all listed in the readings section. Each reading is important as we'll be doing exercises based on their content. This means: you will be expected to talk about the material. Be prepared.


We have been asked by MIT's OpenCourseWare initiative to post our classes on the site. If you don't mind getting your 15 seconds of academic fame, I urge you to sign the release so that you will be part of this historic academic effort. They will start taping the second week of class.

Grading Policies


This course is highly participatory. We have only 13 classes. You need to attend every class.


There is one paper and one group exercise for this class. Both of which are extremely easy and will be merely graded by a check or check plus. You must complete both to pass this class.

Class Participation

Last and certainly not least, as previously mentioned, this course is highly participatory. If you are afraid of public speaking, this class is definitely for you! I will be cold calling - and you will be cold calling each other. To be quite frank: there is no possible way for you to get out of participating in this class.