STS.005 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Disease and Society in America


The assignments in this section are associated with the following lectures.

Weekly Writing Assignments

Lec # Topics
1 Introduction and Goals (PDF)
2-3 Identifying and Understanding Arguments (PDF)
4-5 Reading Primary Sources (PDF)
6-7 Reading Carefully (PDF)
8-9 Graphs, Graphs, Graphs! (PDF)
10 Assignment 5 (PDF)
11-12 Relativism (PDF)
13-14 Inoculation Debates (PDF)
15-16 Fixing a Broken Profession (PDF)
17-18 Science and Bias (PDF)
19-20 Public Health and Individual Rights (PDF)
21 Assignment 11 (PDF)
22-23 Medical Technology and Disease (PDF)
24-25 Explaining Disease: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same? (PDF)

Paper Assignments

Paper Assignment 1 (PDF)

Paper Assignment 2 (PDF)

Paper Assignment 3 (PDF)

Paper Assignment 4 (PDF)