STS.062J | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Drugs, Politics, and Culture


The table below provides information about the course’s lecture (L) and quiz (Q) sessions.

L1 Introduction

L2 Some Preliminary Ideas

L3 Alcohol in the U.S.

Movie: Reefer Madness

L4 Alcohol Across Cultures

Guest Speaker: Alcoholics Anonymous

L5 “Primitive” Drugs

Documentary: The Peyote Road

L6 Drugs and American Counterculture

Movie: Timothy Leary is Dead

L7 Cocaine, Latin America and Globalization First paper due
L8 Cocaine Consumption

Q1 Quiz 1

L9 Crack Dealers

Guest Speakers

L10 The War on Drugs

L11 The War on Drugs (cont.)

L12 Modern Pharmaceuticals: Sex

Q2 Quiz 2

L13 Modern Pharmaceuticals: Prozac®

Documentary: Happy Valley

L14 Big Pharma Second paper due

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Spring 2006
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