STS.062J | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Drugs, Politics, and Culture

Lecture Notes

The table below provides information about the course’s lecture (L) and quiz (Q) sessions. A partial set of lecture notes is available.

ses # TOPICS
L1 Introduction
L2 Some Preliminary Ideas
L3 Alcohol in the U.S. (PDF)

Movie: Reefer Madness

L4 Alcohol Across Cultures (PDF)

Guest Speaker: Alcoholics Anonymous

L5 “Primitive” Drugs (PDF)

Documentary: The Peyote Road

L6 Drugs and American Counterculture (PDF)

Movie: Timothy Leary is Dead

L7 Cocaine, Latin America and Globalization (PDF)
L8 Cocaine Consumption
Q1 Quiz 1
L9 Crack Dealers

Guest Speakers

L10 The War on Drugs (PDF)
L11 The War on Drugs (cont.)
L12 Modern Pharmaceuticals: Sex (PDF)
Q2 Quiz 2
L13 Modern Pharmaceuticals: Prozac® (PDF)

Documentary: Happy Valley

L14 Big Pharma (PDF)

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