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Unit A: Economic Growth Theory and the Innovation System
1 Economic Growth Theory and the Direct Elements in Innovation  
2 Innovation Systems and Direct/Indirect Elements in the Innovation Ecosystem  
Unit B: Challenges Facing the U.S. Economy
3 The Competitive Challenge to U.S. Manufacturing  
4 The Challenge from Globalization for Advanced Manufacturing and New Services  
Unit C: Federal-Private Sector Roles in the Innovation System
5 The Innovation System at the Institutional Level: The Organization of Federal Science Support  
6 Crossing “The Valley of Death” Between Research and Development: The Public-Private Partnership Approach  
7 The Organization of Innovation Systems at the Face-to-Face Level  
8 DARPA as the Connected Model in the Innovation System: Government-Private Sector Interaction and the Example of Computing Research Paper Outline Due
Unit D: The Life Science and Energy Innovation Systems
9 The Life Science R&D Model: National Institutes of Health (NIH)  
10 The Challenge of Energy Technology Transformation  
Unit E: Improving the Innovation System: The Talent Base
11 Improving the Talent Base: New Education and Training Models  
12 The Future of Work: The Employment-Productivity Debate Research Paper Due

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