Book Report

Read one of the books on the approved course list and write a 3-5 page review. Write-up should include critical examination of book and its sources, and discussion of topic’s relevance to the larger Apollo project. Review should also discuss an engineering decision discussed in the book and what factors came into play when making that decision. Due in class just after spring break.

Student Work

All work is courtesy of the students named and used with permission.

Report on Moon Lander: How We Developed the Apollo Lunar Module by Anonymous (PDF)

Report on Dark Side of the Moon by Chris Bachmann (PDF)

Report on Journey to the Moon: The History of the Apollo Guidance Computer by Brittany Baker (PDF)

Report on Apollo, The Race to the Moon by Gautier Brunet (PDF)

Report on Flight: My Life in Mission Control by Amy Brzezinski (PDF)

Report on First on the Moon: A voyage to the Moon by Melanie Chin (PDF)

Report on Two Sides of the Moon by Lucy Cohan (PDF)

Report on Rocket Dreams by Phillip M. Cunio (PDF)

Report on Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut’s Journeys by Elizabeth Deems (PDF)

Report on The Decision to Go to the Moon by Christine Edwards (PDF)

Report on The Decision to Go to the Moon by Christine Fanchiang (PDF)

Report on We Reach the Moon by Alissa Friedman (PDF)

Report on Apollo: The Epic Journey to the Moon by Fred Gay (PDF)

Report on The Reluctant Space-Farers: A Study in the Politics of Discovery by Dan Gillespie (PDF)

Report on Flight by Hudson Graham (PDF)

Report on The Secret of Apollo - Systems Management in American and European Space Programs by Zahra Khan (PDF)

Report on Space Age Management: The Large Scale Approach (PDF)

Report on Single Stage to Orbit Review by Ryan McLinko (PDF)

Report on Tracking Apollo to the Moon by Rebecca Myers (PDF)

Report on Failure is not an Option by Jennifer Needham (PDF)

Report on Men From Earth by Robert Panish (PDF)

Report on Two Sides of the Moon by Jaime Pereira de Mateus (PDF)

Report on Of a Fire on the Moon by Ben Renkoski (PDF)

Report on NASA and the Space Industry by Zoe Szajnfarber (PDF)

Report on A Man on the Moon by Namiko Yamamoto (PDF)

Final Team Projects

These projects are, essentially, subsystem analysis and redesign of what happened in the Apollo program. Work includes the detailed study of a single subsystem, discussing specifications, engineering choices, performance, and problems. Redesign should use today’s technology, materials, and management techniques in support of the CEV program, using lessons derived from Apollo. The final products are a written report and a class presentation.

Student Work

These reports are courtesy of the student authors and used with permission.

Crimson Team Report by Friedman, Gay, Leybovich, Yamamoto, Brzezinski, Graham, Needham, Baker, Brunet, Houghton, Bachmann, Fanchiang, Gillespie, and Panish (PDF - 1.1 MB)

Gray Team Report by Bryan Gardner, Wilfried Hofstetter, Ryan McLinko, Lucy Cohan, Swati Mohan, Rebecca Myers, Ben Renkoski, Tatsuya Arai, Melanie Chin, Elizabeth Deems, Jaime Mateus, Phillip Cunio, Christine Edwards, Carl Engel, and Zahra Khan (PDF - 6.1 MB)

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