Assignment 1: Elemental Case Study (PDF)

This is a small group project exploring the urban / planning implications of water, food, "nature" (however specifically defined), energy, and communications in the Boston area. Each small group will be assigned an "element" to research and document.

Assignment 2: Site Probes (Midterm Project) (PDF)

Whole class project—An exploration of the Boston area in two parts, first a small group field documentation of assigned zones, and, second, an in-class session including presentations and discussions of findings across zones and exploration of planning possibilities.

Assignment 3: Big Plan (Final Project) (PDF) and Final Project Reminder and Individual Essay (PDF)

This is a small group project to create a comprehensive "big plan" (of whatever scale) sited in one neighborhood / zone, or a more broad-based "city-wide" plan of a specific element or topic of large-scale urban planning. The deliverables for this project include a group presentation, planning document, and a short individual essay.

Technical Workshops

Technical workshops are also held at various points throughout the course.