I. The Economics of Public Goods and Infrastructure
1 Infrastructure in Crisis: History and Introduction  
2 Infrastructure, Public Goods, and Market Failure  
3 Infrastructure and Regulations  
II. Infrastructure, Development, and Technology
4 Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth  
5 Infrastructure and Development  Reaction paper 1 due
6 Infrastructure and Regional Development  
7 Infrastructure, Technologies, and Innovations  
III. Infrastructure Financing, Funding, and Delivery
8 Infrastructure Financing  
9 Infrastructure Funding  
10 Infrastructure Delivery Reaction paper 2 due
11 Project Financing  
12 Financing Energy Infrastructure  
IV. The Energy System
13 The Energy Chain and Market, Part I  
14 The Energy Chain and Market, Part II  
15 Issues and Challenges  
V. Energy and Long-term Development
16 Energy and Economic Development Reaction paper 3 due
17 Social Development and Sustainability Aspects  
VI. Energy Infrastructure
18 Energy Infrastructure: Needs and Urgencies in the United States  
19 Energy Infrastructure in Emerging and Other Advanced Economies  
VII. Energy Security Issues
20 Disruptions to Energy Supply  
21 Infrastructure Protection, Natural Disasters, and Terrorist Threats  
VIII. Energy Security and Food Security Intertwined
22 Food vs. Fuel? Reaction paper 4 due
23 Emerging Issues and Policy Implications  
IX. The Political Economy of Energy
24 Regulations, Constraints, and Political Processes of Energy Infrastructure  
25–26 Student Presentations  Final paper due