Each student will come up with two proposals for Web sites, each designed to serve as a resource for the transfer of knowledge and future planning in the Mill Creek and Brightwood/Northend neighborhoods, respectively. In the last month of the semester, each student will collaborate on the implementation of one of these proposals.

For further background on the project, see the WPLP Web site. The WPLP Web site has received millions of hits since it first went online in Spring of 1996.

Course Requirements

Work for the semester will be evaluated in five ways:

Participation in Class15%
A Journal, to be turned in weekly via email15%
A Proposal for Mill Creek15%
A Proposal for Springfield15%
A Final Project40%

There will be no final exam. Ongoing work and final project will be posted online. A knowledge of web-authoring and geographic information systems (GIS) is not a prerequisite, but is highly desirable. For those who have no background in web-authoring, there are online classes available through MIT.