Lecture Notes

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Center vs. Periphery (PDF)
3 Up/Down vs. Above/Below (PDF)
4 The Homo-Faber Project - R. Sennett (PDF)
5 Stealth Gentrification - Lara Belkind (PDF)
6 Spaces of Knowledge within the New York City Subway - Elliott Felix (PDF)
7 Theorizing a Center for Universal Design - Nadya Nilina (PDF)
8 The Racial Politics of Urban Celebrations - Annis Whitlow (PDF)
9 Structuring Beyond Architecture - David Foxe (PDF)
10 The Architecture of Repression - Olga Touloumi (PDF)
11 Inventing the Modern Suburb in California and Denmark - Thomas Oles (PDF)

Proyecto Cities - Stephen Ramos

The Limit of Place - Nomita Sawhney


Photographs in Urban Planning - Steven Moga

Immigrant Spaces in the European City - Jennifer Mack