During each class session, students presented their draft works-in-progress, which constituted the only required reading for the course. As most of these works remain in draft stages, they are not published below. Instead a selection of the works referenced for each class is provided as recommended reading on the topics covered in the papers.


1 - 3

Ses #1:

Ses #2:
Center vs. Periphery

Ses #3
Up/Down vs. Above/Below

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Stealth Gentrification - Lara Belkind



Spaces of Knowledge within the New York City Subway - Elliott Felix


MTA Bond Act

Joseph Brennan Abandoned Subway Stations

Boston Public Library

Open Source Initiatives

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Theorizing a Center for Universal Design - Nadya Nilina

Southpoint: From Ruin to Rejuvenation


The Racial Politics of Urban Celebrations - Annis Whitlow

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Eichler Network

Live Modern

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The Limit of Place - Nomita Sawhney

The Limit of Place

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