Part I: Fundamentals: Land use Planning, Regulation, and Growth Management
Week 1: Introduction
1 Course Introduction
Week 2: Project Introduction and Start-up
2 Community Planning Project Introduced
3 Discussion of Client Project Project teams formed
Week 3: Planning for Growth and Zoning Controls
4 Land use Planning and Regulation - An Overview
5 Zoning Controls - The Basics
Week 4: Making a Plan: Where to Begin?
6 Plan-making at the Community Level
7 Imaging Centralville Teams present findings
Week 5: Visioning; The Growth Management System: Local and Regional Issues
8 Visioning Ron Mallis, a DUSP alumnus and Project Manager with Goody Clancy Associates, will discuss the challenge of facilitating and managing a public visioning process related to development of a plan
9 The Growth Management System: Local and Regional Issues David Soule, Associate Director, Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University, and former Executive Director of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, will join the class to discuss the city economic competitiveness issues, suburban-urban divide, and the challenge of regional planning amidst a strong "home rule" culture
Week 6: Zoning Innovations
10 Zoning Innovations Preliminary plan findings will be presented by project teams to our client and the public during week 6
Part II: Neighborhood Planning and Place-Making: Trends, Methods and Approaches
Week 7: Lowell Presentations
11 Dry Run - Presentation to George
12 Work Day - Evening Presentation at Lowell
Week 8: Neighborhood Planning: History and Future Directions / Community Design, Placemaking, Formbased Codes
13 The Neighborhood Unit and Community Design
14 Project Workshop Day Maggie Super, head of Groundworks Lawrence, will join the class to discuss innovate neighborhood economic development strategies
Part III: Planning and Designing Responsive Environments
Week 9: Traffic Calming, Street Design
15 Street Design
16 Traffic Calming A Traffic Calming guru from VHB will join the class to speak about this topic
Week 10: Sprawl, The Strip, and Smart Development
17 Thwarting Sprawl, Smart Growth, and the Evolution of Suburbia
Week 11: Linking Land use and Transportation
18 The Mobility Challenge for Planning

Transit-Oriented and Infill Development
19 Ecological Considerations
Part IV: Integration and Implementation
Week 12: Using Incentives for Plan Implementation
20 More on Incentive-Based Techniques and Methods to Broaden Housing Affordability Drew Leff of GLC Development Resources in Boston will join the class to discuss this topic and its potential application to plans for Centralville
Week 13: Final Plan Recommendations and Implementation Strategies
21 Project Workshop Day
22 Client Meeting with Project Teams Final plan recommendations will be presented by student project teams to our client and the public during week 14.
Weeks 14 and 15: Final Project Preparation and Synthesis
23 Project Workshop Day
24 The Role of Planning and the Planner in Society: Class Wrap-up and Synthesis
25 Submission of Final Plan Reports Written plans and reports due