Part I: Setting the Framework
1 Introduction and Course Overview: The Diversity of Urban Neighborhoods
2 A Framework for Analyzing Urban Neighborhoods
3 Neighborhoods and Community I
4 Neighborhoods and Community II
5 Neighborhood Diversity and the Metropolitan Community
6 Community Development I: Origins and Transformations
7 Community Development II: The Current Scene
8 Community Organizing in the Neighborhood I
9 Community Organizing in the Neighborhood II: The Ricanne Hadrian Initiative in Community Organizing

Guest Speaker: David Greenberg, PhD Candidate DUSP
Part II: Housing and Community Development
10 Historic Perspective I First memo due
11 Historic Perspective II
12 Public Housing and Community Development
13 Case Study: HOPE 6 in Boston

Guest Speaker: Deborah Goddard, Director of Development, Urban Edge and former Director of Development, Boston Housing Authority
14 Affordable Rental Housing: Preserving the Stock
15 Managing the Housing Stock

Case Study: Managing Subsidized Housing

Guest Speaker: Judy Weber, Private Consultant, Former Director of Management The Community Builders
Part III: Economic Development, Work and Jobs
16 Community Economic Development: The Issues, the Record and the Debates - Part I
17 Community Economic Development - Part II Second memo due
18 Sources of Capital
19 Small Business Development

Guest Speaker: Joe Kresberg, President, Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations
20 Main Streets

Guest Speaker: Karl Seidman
21 Welfare, Work and Job Training I
22 Welfare, Work and Job Training II

Guest Speaker: Sarah Griffin, Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation and Independent Consultant
Part IV: Beyond Housing and Economic Development
23 Crime Security and Community Development
24 Education and Community Development Third memo due
25 Faith-based Organizations and Community Development
26 Summing Up, Course Reflections etc.