lec # TOPICS GUEST speakers
1 Introduction: Course Requirements, Goals, Framework
2 The Housing and Human Service Systems: Interface and Interaction
3 Frame Reflection and Best Practice Debates: Confronting Homelessness
4 The Mental Health Housing System: The Theory
5 The Mental Health Housing System: The Practice Buddy Baker-Smith, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DUSP/MCP)
6 Elderly Housing and Service Needs: The Theory
7 Elderly Housing: The Practice
8 Transitional Housing: The Theory, the Practice and the Debate
9 Constructing Special Categories: AIDS Housing Richard Cho, Corporation for Supportive Housing, New York (DUSP/MCP)
10 Deinstitutionalization: Ex-Offenders in the Community David Thatcher
11 Placed-Based Services in Public Housing: The Jobs Plus Program
12 People-based Services in Public Housing: Family Self-Sufficiency and JobLink Laurie Goldman (DUSP PhD Candidate)
13 Student Presentations
14 Student Presentations and Wrap Up