In addition to the nine assignments listed below, students are graded on participation, reflection journal entries and sessions, comprising 10% of their grade.

Reflection journal entry 1-3: Students are responsible for emailing instructors a Word document three times during the semester in which they examine their beliefs and assumptions, how past experiences affect their actions, their feelings on how the course is progressing; reactions to the readings, etc. The entries aid the in-class reflection sessions.

1 Course Introduction
Client Introduction
2 What's Happening in Lawrence?  
3 Site Visit @ LCW  
4 Reflection Assignment 1 (PDF)
5 Introduction to IDAs
Guest Speakers
6 IDAs Assignment 2a (PDF)
7 IDA Discussion (cont.)  
8 Data Collection Strategy Assignment 2b (PDF)
9 Client Meeting @ MIT  
10 RGI Steering Committee Meeting  
11 Group Work/ Group Two @ LCW  
12 Open Format/ Discuss Readings  
13 Group Work/ Group One @ LCW  
14 Open Format/ Discuss Readings  
15 Client Meeting @ LCW  
16 Open Format/ Discuss Readings  
17 Group Work @ LCW  
18 Reflection  
19 Discussion on Scenarios Assignment 3b (PDF)
20 Discussion on Data Assignment 3a (PDF)
21 Group Work  
22 Group Work  
23 Open Format/ Discuss Readings  
24 Group Work  
25 Group Work  
26 RGI Steering Committee Meeting Assignment 4 (PDF)
27 Final Presentation Assignment 5 (PDF)
28 Reflection


29   Assignment 6a (PDF)

Assignment 6b (PDF)