ses # Topics key dates
1 Introduction to Course
2 Justifications for Public Finance: Public Goods and Externalities Student Presentation: Externalities
3 Ethical Frameworks
4 Justifications for Public Finance: Economic Development
5 The Fiscal Gap: Fiscal Health and Analysis

The Fiscal Gap: Revenues and Expenditures

Budget Deficits and Inflation

Problem set 1 due one day after session 6
7 Public Finance Theory: Efficiency - Optimal Taxation, Optimal User Fees Student Presentation: Efficiency
8 Efficiency (cont.) Student Presentation: Incidence
9 Public Finance Theory: Equity, Incidence in the General Equilibrium Model
10 Incidence (cont.)
11 Property Taxation in Developing Countries
12 Guest Lecture on Property Tax

Guest Speaker: Yu-Hung Hong
Fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Topic: Current Property Tax Reforms in China
13 Property Tax (cont.)
14 Tax Reform

Student Presentation: Tax Reform

Problem set 2 due one day before session 14

15 User Fees in Developing Countries Student Presentation: User Fees
16 Intergovernmental Transfers Student Presentation: Transfers
17 Fiscal Federalism, Decentralization
18 Fiscal Federalism, Decentralization (cont.)

Student Presentation: The Chilean Case

Problem set 3 due one day after session 18

19 Source of Finance: Private Sector Participation Student Presentation: Private Sector
20 Private Sector (cont.)
21 Case Study of Private Sector Participation Problem set 4 due one day before session 21
22 Source of Finance: International Lending Agencies: Programming Assistance, Conditionalities, Debt, Inflation, Structural Adjustment Student Presentation: International Lending
23 International Lending (cont.)
24 MicroFinance History and Design Student Presentation: MicroFinance
25 MicroFinance Case
26 Final Exam