ses # Topics READINGS


Introduction to Course

Rosen, Harvey. Public Finance. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, 2002, chapters 4 and 5. ISBN: 0072374055.


Justifications for Public Finance: Public Goods and Externalities

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Ethical Frameworks

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Justifications for Public Finance: Economic Development

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Recommended Readings

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The Fiscal Gap: Fiscal Health and Analysis

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The Fiscal Gap: Revenues and Expenditures

Budget Deficits and Inflation

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Recommended Readings

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Public Finance Theory: Efficiency - Optimal Taxation, Optimal User Fees

Rosen, Harvey. Public Finance. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, 2002, chapter 13. ISBN: 0072374055.


Efficiency (cont.)

Rosen, Harvey. Public Finance. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, 2002, chapter 14. ISBN: 0072374055.


Public Finance Theory: Equity, Incidence in the General Equilibrium Model

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Incidence (cont.)

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Property Taxation in Developing Countries

Bahl, Roy, and Johannes Linn. Urban Public Finance in Developing Countries. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1992, chapters 4 and 5. ISBN: 0195208056.


Guest Lecture on Property Tax

Guest Speaker: Yu-Hung Hong
Fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Topic: Current property Tax Reforms in China



Property Tax (cont.)

Kelly, Roy. "Designing a Property Tax Reform Strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa: an Analytical Framework Applied to Kenya." Public Budgeting and Finance (Winter 2000): 36-51.

———. "Property Taxation in Indonesia: Challenges from Decentralization." Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Working Paper, WP03RK1, 2003. (PDF)


Tax Reform

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User Fees in Developing Countries

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Intergovernmental Transfers

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Fiscal Federalism, Decentralization

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Fiscal Federalism, Decentralization (cont.)

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Source of Finance: Private Sector Participation

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Private Sector (cont.)

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Case Study of Private Sector Participation

Walder, Jay. "The Tribasa Toll Road Trust." Kennedy School of Government Case Program, CR 15-99-1485.0. Cambridge, MA: Kennedy School of Government, 1998.


Source of Finance: International Lending Agencies: Programming Assistance, Conditionalities, Debt, Inflation, Structural Adjustment

Hanlon, Joseph. "How Much Debt must be Cancelled?" Journal of International Development 12 (2000): 877-901.

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International Lending (cont.)

"World Bank Lending Instruments: Resources for Development Impact." World Bank Booklet. Washington, DC: World Bank, 2001.


MicroFinance History and Design

Morduch, Jonathan. "The Microfinance Schism." World Development 28, no. 4 (2000): 617-629.

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MicroFinance Case

Stuart, Guy. "A Commercial Bank does Microfinance: Sogesol in Haiti." Kennedy School of Government Case Program, CR 16-02-1657, 2002. Cambridge, MA: Kennedy School of Government, 2002.


Final Exam