This course makes use of Athena, MIT's UNIX-based computing environment. OCW does not provide access to this environment.

Along with 3 assignments, there are 8 labs in the class.

Lab 1 ArcGIS Basics (Introduction to ArcGIS, Paper Output) ArcGIS Basics (PDF)
Lab 2 Thematic Mapping in ArcMap (Symbolization, Exploratory vs. Explanatory Mapping) Thematic Mapping in ArcMap (PDF - 1.6 MB)

Comments on Lab 1 and Lab2 (PDF)
Lab 3 Database Operations in ArcGIS (Spatial Selection, Query Selection, Tabular Joins, Spatial joins) Database Operations in ArcMap (PDF)

Answer Form (PDF)
Lab 4 Database Aggregation, SQL, and Charts Database Aggregation and Chart Creation in ArcMap (PDF)
Lab 5 Obtaining and Using U.S. Census Data in ArcGIS Working with 2000 Census Data and MIT Geodata Repository (PDF)

2000 Census Variable Locator (PDF)

In-Lab Notes (PDF)
Lab 6 Vector Spatial Analysis (Buffers, Polygon Overlay, Area Allocation, using ArcTools) Vector Spatial Analysis (PDF)

In-Lab Notes (PDF)

Answer Form (PDF)
Lab 7 Raster Spatial Analysis (Interpolation, Raster Operations, Spatial Analyst) Raster Spatial Analysis (PDF)

In-Lab Notes (PDF)

Answer Form (PDF)
Lab 8 Address Matching and Geocoding Address Matching and Geocoding (PDF)