This workshop took place over the course of 2 days during the summer of 2005. It comprised three events:

  1. Welcome Dinner
  2. Workshop and Panel Discussions
  3. Celebratory Dinner

The course schedule is thus divided into days and sessions rather than weeks and sessions.

Day 1: Introductions
1 Welcome Dinner
Day 2: Workshops
2 Scenario 1: Municipal Decision Making

Facilitator: Judith Innes
Panelists: Josh Cohen, Archon Fung, David Laws, Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Jane Mansbridge, Nancy Roberts, Jay Rothman
3 Scenario 2: Metropolitan Policy Making

Facilitator: David Booher
Panelists: John Dryzek, Mike Elliott, Frank Fischer, Bill Isaacs, Susan Sherry
4 Scenario 3: National-level Consensus Building

Facilitator: John Forester
Panelists: Peter Adler, David Fairman, Jim Fishkin, Susan Collin Marks, Susan Podziba
5 Scenario 4: Implementation of Informally Negotiated Agreements or Settlements

Facilitator: Carrie Menkel-Meadow
Panelists: Maarten Hajer, David Kahane, Richard Reuben, Marianella Sclavi, Dan Yankelovich
6 Closing Remarks - Larry Susskind
7 Celebratory Dinner