Lecture Notes

The facilitators and panelists attending this workshop are leaders in the fields of dispute resolution and deliberative democracy. Bios for the presenters and a summary of the workshop proceedings are available below. Notes from individual sessions are listed in the table. In addition, clips from a video recording of the entire workshop have been included. A full-length video of all the sessions, entitled "Deliberative Democracy Meets Dispute Resolution," is available through the Clearinghouse of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (www.pon.harvard.edu).

Presenter Bios (PDF)
Synopsis of the Dispute Resolution/Deliberative Democracy Seminar (PDF)

Day 1: Introductions  
1 Welcome Dinner  
Day 2: Workshops  
2 Scenario 1: Municipal Decision Making

Facilitator: Judith Innes
Panelists: Joshua Cohen, Archon Fung, David Laws, Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Jane Mansbridge, Nancy Roberts, Jay Rothman
3 Scenario 2: Metropolitan Policy Making

Facilitator: David Booher
Panelists: John Dryzek, Mike Elliott, Frank Fischer, Bill Isaacs, Susan Sherry
4 Scenario 3: National-level Consensus Building

Facilitator: John Forester
Panelists: Peter Adler, David Fairman, Jim Fishkin, Susan Collin Marks, Susan Podziba
5 Scenario 4: Implementation of Informally Negotiated Agreements or Settlements

Facilitator: Carrie Menkel-Meadow
Panelists: Maarten Hajer, David Kahane, Richard Reuben, Marianella Sclavi, Daniel Yankelovich
6 Closing Remarks - Larry Susskind (PDF)
7 Celebratory Dinner  

Video clips