WGS.150 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate

Gender, Power, Leadership and the Workplace


Part I: Setting the Context
Why is the Gender Gap Relevant?
1 Class overview  

The business case for diversity

Women in the workforce as an engine for economic growth


Taste, choices, and occupational segregation

Case: Women in computer sciences

Guest speaker

Gender Diversity in America: Where do We Stand?
4 Female participation in different sectors of the economy Presentation of the status of women in selected industry due
5 Where we come from?  
6 What is the gender pay gap and how does it happen?  
7 Panel discussion: Being a woman in the workplace today  

Part II: Structural Barriers for Gender Equality

8 The paradox of meritocracy in organizations  
9 Class reflection: Mental health on campus  
10 Parental leave: The role of policy on promoting dual-career households  
11 Class debate: Affirmative action, does it work? Debate preparation slides due
12 Work-life balance and child care policies  

Part III: The impact of Bias in Gender Equality

13 What is implicit bias?  

Case: Women in STEM

Guest speaker

15 Stereotypes, media and education: The reinforcing mechanism of implicit bias  
16 How does implicit bias affect the composition of the workforce?  
17 Case: Implicit bias at Google Blindspot reflection due
18 Women and negotiations I  
19 Women and negotiations II  
20 Micro-inequities and micro-affirmations  

Case: Women in corporate leadership

Leaning In

Lean In reflection due

Building better recruiting processes

Guest speaker

23 Student presentations I  
24 Student presentations II  
25 Class wrap up Final paper due

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