WGS.301J | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Feminist Thought


I. Introduction and Background
1 Introductory Class  
2 Prejudice, Discrimination, and Oppression  
3 Privilege and Speaking for Others Response paper due
4 Film: Diagnosing Difference. Directed by Annalise Ophelian. Color, 64 min. 2009.  
5 Social Construction: Class, Gender, Race Disability… Response paper due
6 Constructions of Gender  
II. Universalizing Approaches to Sex Oppression
A. Humanist Feminism (“The Sameness Approach”)
7 Mill’s The Subjection of Women Response paper due
8 Student Discussion  
9 Beauvoir and Butler Response paper due
10 Justice and Human Capabilities  

Domestic Violence

Note: During this session, there were student presentations on various readings

Response paper due
B. Gynocentric Feminism (“The Difference Approach”)
12 From Humanism to Gynocentrism Response paper due
13 Maternal Peace Politics  
14 Midterm Reflection Final project paper due
C. The Dominance Approach
15 Difference and Dominance  
16 Materialist Feminism Response paper due
17 Pornography  
18 Women, Lesbians, Virgins Response paper due
III. Localizing Approaches to Sex Oppression
19 Identity Politics Response paper due
20 Childbearing from the Perspective of Poor Black Women  
21 Recognition and Redistribution Response paper due
22 Queer Theory Response paper draft due (undergraduates)

Film: Forbidden Voices: How to Start a Revolution with a Laptop. Directed by Barbara Miller. Color, 95 min. 2012.

Note: This session was optional

24 Veiling and the Construction of Gender  


Note: This session was led by student Sofia Ortiz-Hinojosa


Epistemic Injustice

Note: This session was led by student Abby Jaques

27 Final Presentations Response paper due
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