This course aims to enhance students’ learning of kanji by providing a series of video lectures that cover the kanji characters in Tobira lessons 6–10. The video lectures not only teach how to write kanji but also provide stories behind the kanji characters, so that students can memorize them in a systematic and meaningful way. They make kanji learning more captivating and fun!


Tobira = Mayumi Oka et al., Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese Learning Through Content and Multimedia, Kurosio Publishing (2009), ISBN: 9784874244470.

This table summarizes the kanji characters introduced in the videos:

1 Tobira lesson 6: 置 式 石 査 熱 民 急 紀 倍 参 加 個 反 賛 果
2 Tobira lesson 7: 済 品 虫 丸 命 戦 争 未 深 閉 号 悲 静 払 格
3 Tobira lesson 8: 効 科 減 完 登 公 逆 低 点 常 写 真 確 村.
4 Tobira lesson 9: 制 満 進 落 協 位 幸 可 原 因 求 容 算 等 喜
5 Tobira lesson 10: 訪 景 区 危 険 役 省 冷 将 情 報 独 身 遠 並

Additional Resources

The stroke order animation in each video was created using the web application developed by Kanji alive (under Creative Commons license, CC BY 4.0). Students can learn more about the stroke order and search for the kanji in each lesson, e.g. using “text:jt:c6” to find kanji in lesson 6 with this web application.