Welcome for Volunteers

In this short video, Professor Dava Newman explains her motivation for creating the EarthDNA program.

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Climate 101 Live

In this video, Brandon Leshchinskiy delivers the Climate 101 presentation to an audience of students.

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External Videos

The videos embedded below, which are excluded from our Creative Commons license, are used in the Climate 101 presentation:

3 Seconds

Prince Ea, "3 Seconds" from National Geographic on YouTube.


The Last Northern White Rhinos

"The Last Northern White Rhinos" from National Geographic on YouTube.


Climate Denial in the Classroom

"Climate Denial in the Classroom" from The YEARS Project on YouTube.



"#naturenow" from Natural Climate Solutions on YouTube. Copyright CC BY-NC-ND.


Heaven - Mike Massimino | One Strange Rock

"Heaven - Mike Massimino" from Inspirations365 on YouTube.