1.012 | Spring 2002 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Civil Engineering Design


Function - Form - Material

Task 3 - Assessment

Task 3A: Function - Form - Material

Describe from memory how you developed your paperweight design.

Are form and function related in your design? If so, how?

Did the difference of materials play a role in your design regarding form, regarding function, regarding both?

Task 3B: Production

Building paperweights by gluing pieces together is probably not the most cost effective way. Put yourself in the position of a paperweight factory owner who wants to have a raw material (building blocks) that can be assembled in a variety of forms. This includes the contradictory requirements:

  • Minimize Expensive Labor such as Machining of Complex Shapes (Skilled Labor Cost)
  • Minimize the Number of Assembly Steps (Labor Cost)
  • Produce Many Different Forms

Draw an influence diagram for this decision making process. An influence diagram shows the relation of different factors reflecting a process (manufacturing or construction) and is used as a basis for analyzing a process. We will show you how to construct such influence diagrams.