1.012 | Spring 2002 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Civil Engineering Design


Course Meeting Times

Lectures / Discussions: Occasional sessions, 2 hours / session

Design-Build Labs: 2 sessions / week
Ses 1: 2 hours / session
Ses 2: 1 hour / session


This subject exposes students to civil engineering design. Students are expected to learn about the design process through practice and where possible through implementation. Some design projects will be team based and as such students need to learn how to work effectively with peers. Sketching and CAD (Computer Aided Design) will also be introduced. Students will start with the development of a portfolio documenting their design projects. The design principles introduced and some class projects will be used in follow-on subjects.

The portfolio is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering.

Study Material

Students need to have and bring along drafting tools (pencil, ruler, triangles) to each class and lab. Other material will be distributed.


Students will be graded on four design projects. The portfolio will also be graded. The sketching and CAD assignments will also be checked for completion. Class participation is essential and will be considered in the final grade.


Evaluation will be an integral part of the class. This allows students to contribute to the teaching and development of the subject.