1.012 | Spring 2002 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Civil Engineering Design


Green Line

The Green Line of the MBTA is a major part of the Boston/Eastern Massachusetts transportation system. It is the oldest “subway” in the United States. The present Green Line consists of tunnel sections, surface sections largely on a separate right of way, surface sections in streets but separated and surface sections within streets. Technically it is a mix between “Light Rail” and “Streetcar”. The system,while substantially contributing to public transport in Boston and nearby cities would benefit from improvements. Planning and designing such improvements is your task.

In 1.012 you will do the “Green Line” project in two phases. In the first phase, each team will describe several alternatives as outlined below. In the second phase, each team will further develop one of the alternatives (or develop a new one).

Phase 1 WEEK #8 - WEEK #10

Each team develops a solution for each of the following improvement strategies:

  1. Operational improvement (different vehicles, different operating strategies, minor infrastructure changes)

  2. Extension of Green Line to other areas (e.g. re-establishment of Arborway line, new Somerville line, others).

  3. Major overhaul of central part of Green Line infrastructure including connection to other subway/rail lines.

Items 2 and 3 are somewhat interdependent but you need to approach them separately.

You are required to submit a report on SES #R10 describing your alternative(s) for each strategy.

Phase 2 WEEK #12 - WEEK #14

Each team will work on one of the strategies, evaluate different alternatives and then further develop/design one of them.

This will result in a report and will also have to be orally presented.

At present it is open if the teams for Phase 1 are going to be the same as for Phase 2. You will have a major say in this decision.

Background Material

  • Each team will get a set of existing design concepts developed by the Boston Transportation Department.

  • Reports and plans are available.

  • There will be a field trip in WEEK #8 to the MBTA Control Center on 45 High Street in Boston.