1.022 | Fall 2018 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Network Models

Final Project

Controlling Epidemics on Networks

The default application for the project is “Controlling Epidemics on Networks.” In this project, we consider the problem of epidemic spreading on networks and how to prevent their outbreaks. You will use a global network of flight connections as your dataset. The original dataset was made available by Tore Opsahl and is discussed in the blog post:

We will provide you with 2 csv fi les, that contain the airports (nodes) and flights (edges) that make up the network. The research question of interest (Part II) is: Given a virus that can spread throughout the network and the model of spread on networks (also described in Part II) what immunization strategy is most effective at stopping / slowing its spread (i.e. which nodes should be vaccinated if you are only able to vaccinate a finite subset). The goal of Part III is to develop, implement, and compare several immunization strategies to fi nd the most effective one. The report should describe the various strategies and their performance on the dataset.

For further detail, see Controlling Epidemics on Networks (PDF).

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